Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 worst 2010 Super Bowl Commercials

I just watched the New Orleans Saints beat the Colts sitting next to my friend Mark's wife. The game was good but Janelle and I were rating commercials all game long. We were waiting for something to make us laugh or remember. What is strange is that the most compelling commercial was Google's. They told a story with their web browser. Simple.  Here is my list of the top ten worst Super Bowl Commercials 2010. The people responsible for these ads deserve a Smackum!

#10 - E-Trade - The baby talking gag is played out
#9 - Boost Mobile - Bringing out the old Bears with Jim McMahon getting a spray tan in a wheelchair while showing Mike Ditka's ass in a thong is just plain wrong. But as I am describing it I am liking it more.
#8 - Denny's - It's hard to mess up a joke using a chicken. Those birds were really hard to look at, not egg-citing to watch at all…sorry.
#7 - Taco Bell - Charles Barkley and Lamar Odom? Aren't they basketball guys? Man were they stiff. It was like two huge mannequins surrounded by chips and chicks.
#6 - Pop Secret - At least use some hot babes, it's the Super Bowl. This was the ugly out of shape actor's day to work. I doubt having people act like whales will sell more pop corn...actually maybe.
#5 - Doritos - What the hell? A ninja chip thrower kills a guy with a Dorito? What is the message? Doritos will kill you? Kill your friends with our chips? Duck? I don't know.
#4 - Coca Cola - Being nice to Montgomery Burns? That was a very anti-Simpson Simpson's commercial
#3 - Anheiser Busch - The "Lost" ad should have remained lost.
#2 - Dove - The commercial starts with sperm and talks about lotion. Then they showed a guys whole messed up life. Go Dove!
#1 - Dockers - The ugly body underwear commercial was badly timed following the Career Builder commercial with the same theme.

Favorite: Snickers - I didn't know Abe Vigoda was still alive, not to mention tackling Betty White. Excellent!

2nd Favorite: Monster - A musical beaver should be treasured

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