Monday, February 8, 2010

Buster Douglas SMACKS Mike Tyson February 11, 1990

A famous smack happened February 11, 1990 in Japan. At the time, Mike Tyson was "The Man" in boxing. he was knocking most guys out with the first punch. He wanted a tune-up fight with the intent on attaining a huge fight with Evander Holyfield for the title. Searching for for a tomato can, they found Buster Douglas.

Buster had fought other boxers of note such as Randall "Tex" Cobb, Greg Page and Tony Tucker. He had a bit of a belly and would be a 42 to 1 underdog against Tyson. What he had going for him was he was a good athlete, had a long reach and was motivated by his mother's recent death. Then Mike Tyson took him too lightly.

Tyson got smacked silly through most of the fight with Buster's long jab. In the tenth round, Buster stepped up and landed an uppercut that sent the champ on a drunken search for his mouthpiece. Tyson was never the same after that. After the fight, Buster blew up, literally. To the sum of 400 pounds.

The Buster Douglas Boxing video game sold for $40 bucks. They sold approximately 12 units. No matter, the guy issued a classic Smackum! when he was feeling it. Tyson was an animal back then.

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