Saturday, February 27, 2010

Carly Simon's "Your so vain" song is about vampires!

Carly Simon is no spring chicken. In her day she was quite a catch. She was musically talented, had nice hair, a massive smile and she looked pretty good in a sweater. Chris Christopherson Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger, David Geffen, David Bowie, David Cassidy, David Frost and any other David in the vicinity, gladly lined up to be the potential inspiration for her next song.

38 years ago she wrote "You're so vain". Now there is a re-make being done. She is running a contest on her site, inviting filmmakers to make a video. She is amused that she is still asked about who's in the the song. Amused…she's running a CONTEST! Heck, She likes it.

The big secret over all these years is that she never officially identified who the true inspiration was for the song. I always heard it was Warren Beatty, but I thought he got run down riding a bike in a tunnel? Oh, that was in "Heaven can wait". I have another theory. I think Carly was way ahead of her time.

Like most TV shows these days, Carly's big smile was actually hiding narly vampire fangs. When she sang about being vain it wasn't about being smug and aloof, it was about the blood supply available in the carotid artery. That is why all these stars couldn't get her out of their minds. They were twice bitten and are under her spell. All those guys wore turtleneck sweaters a lot, in fact, so did she. The original song title was "Your so VEIN", you know, true blood, vampire diaries stuff. She changed the title to "VAIN" to catch some Davids. The good part is that she is always on time... she doesn't spend much time in front of the mirror. (that's a vampire joke)

So I'll give Carly Simon a Smackum! Award for possibly being Vampira and not revealing who the hell she has been singing about for almost 40 years.

She'll never tell, it would end her career and her blood supply.

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