Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Curling - like watching paint dry

It is late February and the Winter Olympics are on. It is a nice treat every 4 years. Being from southern California, the Summer Olympics are much bigger in my mind. I don't ski or skate very often. These days I row and ride. But back to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. There first bad luck was the Al Gore curse. Due to global warming of some kind, a place that is usually cold is unusually warm. The games started with a Luge racer flying 90 miles an hour into a pole. That sucked. For some reason Americans are winning the skiing events including Bode Miller who everybody wanted to see crash. Shaun White did his thing in the half-pipe, that's great. 

What has been on TV with non-stop coverage?…Curling!

This hasn't been a couple of minutes then let's go to the slopes. Your talking non-stop coverage with two announcers reacting like it's the Super Bowl. I don't know who to smack, the bald guy jetting around like a tyke on wheeled shoes or all the people watching the match in Canada that went crazy when they won a match. They interviewed a USA women's team member who was near tears. By now I am crying for some real action myself.

When they show the curling guys playing frozen carums all bent over and serious I want to run for the remote control. Listening to people say "whoa" in multiple languages is fascinating. I wonder if they scrub people's floors out of habit when they drop by? Do they hate vacuums? 

The Chinese guy is only at 64%. He should be ashamed according tho the announcer. What?

I miss the Roone Arledge days with Wide World of Sports. That's how I knew skiing as a kid. Those horns would play and they would say of the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat". Then a guy comes flying down the mountain and crashes into the crowd at break neck speed.

I'm watching a bald guy push a stone with a stick. This sucks.

My Corporate Smackum! Award goes to CNBC for featuring a boring sport while others are ignored.

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