Friday, February 12, 2010

John "Tiger" Edwards - dick in the box

 As a kid, I was taught to listen to adults like John Edwards and model my life after them. So following his lead, I have unzipped my pants. Now I will go about my day. Thinking about it, many politicians walk and have walked the halls of Congress with their zipper down over the years. Nobody ever told Edwards, because they had their own zipper problem. Who are you going to consult, Bill Clinton? 

My guess, Edwards wore red, white and blue striped boxers. Any guy knows that boxers do not guarantee that the horse stays in the barn. Neither does a wedding ring. It kind of brings up political images similar to Justin Timberlake's "Dick in the Box" video…minus the box.

I have nicknamed John Edwards,"Tiger" for obvious reasons. Another case of the little head leading the big head. Having brains, looks and money does not always add up to a happy life. The problem I have with Edwards is that he was almost vice president, makes big decisions and has a lot of political power. He is proven through his activity that he tells the truth when it is convenient. Does this only happen at home?  What about when he is running government?

We're not talking small stuff, we're talking a kid out of wedlock and pregnant lady sex tapes. His wife is a saint for not going Elin on him with a 9 iron.

My good friend Jim, who has had a heart, kidney, pancreas transplant is one of the most stand-up, great people you would ever want to meet in your life. He is a successful businessman, father and friend. When introduced to his partner, he was asked if he cheated on his wife. His answer was, "no way" and he meant it. Paragon Steel has been in business for 20 years because of that trust. 

John Edwards talks the same story until it is proven false. He could learn a lot from Jim.

This Smackum! award goes to John Edwards for fathering a denied baby while using his wife's illness to capitalize politically.

This is a drawing from 2004 when he and John Kerry were the Democratic ticket losing to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

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