Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift - MMA Challenge

Let's pretend that we are Taylor Swift.  Young, cute, country and just won the MTV best female video award. Your looking into the crowd taking in the moment, listening to the applause then you hear someone tapping a microphone. As poor Taylor stands there dumbfounded, Kanye West climbs the stage and announces, "I'm sorry, but Beyonc√© had one of the best videos of all time!" Beyonce who was about to win "best video" award thought she was hearing things… actually she was.

Kanye dragged her into yet another temper tantrum. As he lay on his stomach beating his hands and feet into the ground I figured he had a very bad day. His tirade had very little to do with Taylor, it was more about his snub, having to perform in a suite instead of the main stage. I guess someone noticed that he doesn't have a great voice and uses effects to hide his musical deficiencies.  Even after embarrassing himself, Taylor and Beyonce, he held fast in his belief that he was right fist pumping his boys. When the crowd booed him, he gave them the finger. Man, that's a class act.

Looking at it, Kanye is smart as a fox. He knows that people will eventually tire of his musical empire and is aimed at another revenue source…MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Secretly he is practicing with Georges St. Pierre  and Fedor Emelianenko with the intent to fight Taylor Swift during next year's Super Bowl halftime show. Forget The Who, The Rolling Stones, Chicago, Peter Frampton or any other 70's rock band. Kanye is going to issue Taylor Swift another public smack down. As he is accepting is winner's belt, he'll reach over and do a Timberlake exposing her right boobie. His posse will nod and agree that she deserved what she got.

So my Smackum! Award goes to Kanye West for losing his mind yet again while wearing aviator glasses.

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