Sunday, February 7, 2010

Richard Henne vs. Larry King

The "Balloon Boy" incident really puts parenting on the forefront. Let me think how this dinner conversation went. OK Falcon, when I start yelling, hide in the closet.  I'll make the world think you are in this mylar balloon that is held together with duct tape and chewing gum and it is floating into space. Mayumi, you handle the camera. All the rest of you kids pretend Falcon is still in the balloon. We'll get famous. From there I'll get the PR rolling and we'll build a better spaceship than Richard Branson.

As things would unravel, the whole plan was uncovered. Richard Henne wasn't quite in the spotlight, he was more like a pack of fries under the heat light at McDonald's. Things got hot and someone was about to spread salt on the wound. That salt shaker would be in the shape of Larry King on CNN.

Henne tried to coach the un-coachable Falcon. Holding his head in his hands he told him, "If Larry asks you any questions, what ever you do, don't say it was for the show. You got it, DON'T mention us wanting to get on television. Just pretend, cry a little bit. Maybe limp if you have to." No one will find out, you won't get in trouble. Falcon, remembering that his father actually wanted to put him in that crazy contraption ratted him out for a stick of chewing gum.

Larry picked him apart. So in this post "Larry King" is the guest smacker of Balloon Boy's dad, the currently jailed, Richard Henne.

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