Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin for president?...not if Hillary has a say!

I know I have already written about Sarah Palin, but she has announced that she would run for president if it is good for the country and the Palin family. Like Chris Carter would say on ESPN, "Come on, Man!".

She is now the face of the "Tea Party" in America. People who want change. Hmmm, sounds familiar. I can understand that she is pissed at today's financial situation, so am I. Now that "W" is out of office, it is no longer an excuse that George put us here. Obama has had a year and things aren't better. We just don't understand that her ideas and the Tea Party movement will save us. Follow Sarah to the White House in 2012. I repeat, "Come on, Man!"

I have been around for a number of presidents. I never remember such a blatant effort to see our president fail. At the cost of the country, people like Rush Limbaugh would rather see Obama fail even it meant that people are left without health care, jobless and broke. Sarah is not as radical but she believes that she is qualified to run the country. The Tea Partiers tell her so. Maybe there are 1000's of them, but is she going to run on the Tea Party ticket in 2012?

When they show a Tea Party member on TV, he usually looks like a guy from the local Kiwanis club. Bearded, tall, hunched over, wearing a vest with Sarah Palin buttons waving an American flag. That is not your typical power broker. He is there because she is cuter than the waitress at Denny's.

She ripped Obama for using a teleprompter while reading crib notes she had sketched in her hand. The crowd roared when she mentions secession and we find out her secessionist husband was running Alaska from his snowmobile.

She would have to be nominated by the Republican or independent parties. Sarah mentions that she would run if it is good for the country and her family. OK fine. Let's picture that. The Palin's move into the White House. The first thing you would hear is a thud. That would be Hillary Clinton fainting. She was a step away from a nomination, extremely qualified and knows geography. Now the Palin's will mount a moose head plaque in the Lincoln room.

There are two books that spell out exactly where Palin is coming from and what it is like working with her. If somehow she gets elected as president of the United States we will have nobody to blame but ourselves. People can be lemmings. All I know is that I'm not jumping.

So my guest smacker is Hillary Clinton, she'll owe many smacks if we see Palin in office someday.

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