Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lady Gaga is talented but I wouldn't want to see her naked

I have seen Lady Gaga on TV a few times. I guess she has a good voice, she seems overall musically talented.

All I know is that she dresses like the Statue of Liberty and hides one eye like a pirate. In some ways she reminds me of an androgynous Madonna. You know, almost hot looking with a decent voice but you wouldn't want to see her naked. Now I hear she wants to sing with Britney Spears. That should be an interesting show, gaudy and nasal.

She is supposedly a mix of David Bowie, Freddy Mercury, Madonna and Michael Jackson. I think she has tried to combine all of their styles and came up with those crazy outfits. Well, if David Bowie had a child with Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson impregnated Madonna I believe their grandchild would come out something like Lady Gaga. If they do one of those George Lopez DNA checks, some of this conjecture may not be science fiction. Well, maybe the Bowie / Mercury connection.

For some reason I looked at her and saw her hair as a broom. If you look carefully at my drawing you will see that her hair is constructed from straw. Her eye patch is an Ace of Diamonds for her song, "Poker Face."

So this Smackum! goes to Lady Gaga who's kicking some musical ass.

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