Monday, February 8, 2010

Tiger Woods getting smacked for getting whacked and that's a fact

Obviously, Tiger learned nothing from Kobe, Bill Clinton, Governor Mark Sanford, David Letterman, Russell Crowe, Mick Jagger and every other celebrity chased by TMZ. He was out late playing the nineteenth hole and got busted.  

Everyone knows his story by now. Balloon Boy, The Diaper Bomber and mind numbing speeches by Sarah Palin make you forget about Tiger and his sexual urges. When he comes back and starts playing golf again I have a feeling he may be asked about them. Hopefully he will be able to resist the urge to hump someone's leg.

The first reports about the SUV accident had Elin using a golf club to free Tiger from his wrecked car.  I don't think so. My guess was that she was using the club on him, freeing him of some teeth. Nobody has seen him since, don't be surprised if he's sporting an altered grill. 

Tiger has lost millions of endorsement dollars, paid off countless women, been embarrassed publicly and contemplates divorce. That's a lot of smack'in. Plus I believe Elin smacked him hard with a club. So, this post's star is Tiger Woods for getting smacked for getting whacked, busted on the way back and that's a fact.

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