Saturday, February 6, 2010

Top Ten celebrities that deserve a SMACK! in February 2010
I have decided to use my 2005 animated interview with Mark McGwire to promote Smackum!, an iPhone app that REALLY kicks butt! It will be released to the App Store in the next week.  McGwire is a guy that needs a smack in my opinion. He'll hear it next baseball season for sure. There are a number of people in the public eye that could use a smack as well. This has prompted me to make a "Top 10 List" of people that I want to smack February 1, 2010.

#10 Lady Gaga - Could you imagine if that was your girlfriend? Hi Mom, this is Gaga. Thud! Mom? Mom?

#9 Rip Torn - He did the drunken armed bank robbery routine again

#8 Kanye West - Now that Taylor Swift is a grammy winner Kanye owes her an apology

#7 Snooki Polizzi - I watched an interview with that bubblehead and praised the Lord I don't live in Jersey.

#6 Beyonce - Purely out of jealousy she deserves a smack. Damn she's talented!

#5 Mark McGwire - 5 years ago they said the BALL was juiced, though he looked like a cartoon character and now he owns the home run record. That's not right.

#4 Jarrod Jewelers - Damn I'm sick of those commercials

#3 Abdulmutallab - All the people on Delta flight 253 should line up to hit the diaper bomber like they did in the movie "Airplane"

#2 Governor Mark Sanford - Talk about being busted...but a chick in Argentina?  These guys must walk around the capital with notebooks in front of their weiners like in high school. But I've got a better lying sack of $%#@ politician...

#1 John Edwards - During his wife's cancer treatments he fathers a child that he will deny till pressed by the media. That's one low Mo Fo!

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