Sunday, March 14, 2010

Anderson Cooper eating cookies off the top of his head!

If you watch TV, you can't help running into an Anderson Cooper 360 commercial. I don't normally watch him, I'm not a big CNN fan. I wondered where he came from. Now that I do some research I see that he is the son of writer Wyatt Emory Cooper and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt.  That's some impressive genetic engineering. He went to Yale, modeled for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Somehow I kind of missed this guy, but dude's been busy. 

From an outsider's perspective it reminds me of American Idol when they had that old looking guy in the contest. Not the pants on the ground guy, the white-haired singer that no one has heard from since. Anderson Cooper is credible, comes from a great background, traveled the world and has gray hair that makes him look older. The really old guys in the boardroom are high fiving their choice.

Somehow, the only time I really watched him, he and a bimbo were in a contest trying to eat a cookie off the top of their heads without using their hands.

I know they are trying to make him look like a regular guy, but it kind of reminded me of being at a school fair. Watching him do that cookie tongue thing really sucked.  I would have preferred a dunk tank, playing the shell game or eating live goldfish.

This Smackum! Award goes to Anderson Cooper for munching Oreos off the top of his silver noggin and I unfortunately watched it.

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