Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy red-haired Kanye West lady at the Oscars

This year I went to a friend's house in to watch the Oscars. I normally don't pay attention to award shows but I went for the party. I am impressed that Doogy Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) performed a duet alone. A perfect example of "the show must go on".

The show had been on a while and was beginning to drag. Music producer Roger Ross Williams was giving an acceptance speech for a Zimbabwe film (Prudence) that had a bit of baggage. As Williams spoke, the stage was rushed by Elinor Burkett, William's partner in the film. She ranted about this and that as Williams stood shocked. It immediately reminded me of Kanye West. Burkett should have yelled that "Beyonce made the best video of all time". She has already been dubbed, the "crazy red-haired Kanye West lady" before I finished drawing her face.

It ends up she wanted to go up on stage earlier but William's mother was standing on her dress. They are in a lawsuit over the film. It was supposed to be about a group and she was trying to communicate that to the audience. To us, it looked like the woman had lost her mind, when in reality she is a woman scorned. Whether she was right or wrong in her argument I can see having a problem watching someone that you are suing get an Oscar.

My problem is that she wasn't wearing aviator sunglasses when she stormed the stage. Using the magic of Illustrator and Photoshop I have corrected her error. What's also funny is that the situation of someone barging in, is now titled a "Kanye".

This Smackum Award goes to the crazy red-haired Kanye West lady, who is now famous,  Elinor Burkett!

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