Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dr. Conrad Murray's hair is on fire for mis-handling Michael Jackson's health care

There are many types of doctor. Dr. Zhivago, Dr. Dre, Dr. Suess, Dr. Phil, Dr. Gupta, Doc Holiday, Julius Irving, Spin on and on.

Dr. Conrad Murray is more in the Frankenstein family.

Similar to (former NY Net) Jayson Williams who accidentally killed a guy with a shotgun while showing off for his friend's, started covering his tracks immediately. He stripped down to his scivvies and jumped in the pool to wash off the DNA. He told people to tell the cops that Cristofi committed suicide. Somehow he got a light sentence and will be out in a few years.

Dr. Murray had an opportunity to make some money and chose a risky client. I take it money talks and he was listening. He would give Michael his "milk" in the shape of propofol, a powerful sedative the gloved-one was addicted to. When he realized he was in trouble breathing, he took the time to hide his tracks rather than call for assistance. While Michael lay dying he was pre-planning his escape. Amazing what panic will do. That marrying a doctor thing doesn't sound so good in this case. This guy's greed and lack of medical ethics took the life of the King of Pop.

I see a public trial in the works. Could you imagine the drama. As Pops Jackson weeps and announces his next business venture, all the brothers will do a John Carlos wearing replica gloves that will be sold on E-Bay post trial. Cameras will show close-ups and photos of little Blanket playing with a Stun Gun. Aunt Katherine will be videoed thumbing through the Beatle's catalogue while working a calculator.

Watching a TV commercial about a new drug makes me think of Dr. Murray. You know the last part of the commercial where they tell you the bad news. May cause blindness in laboratory rats, pregnant women should not handle, induces vomiting, could cause liver displacement, kidney malfunction warnings. Scary stuff. People like him will take another's life in their hands for a little green. Sad. He's the doctor you want to call 4 hours after your Viagra keeps working, not the guy responsible for your breathing.

Dr. Murray is going to get some time to think about it. There are many of us who have lost relatives to medical malpractice. I hope this is at least a wake-up call for doctor's about to make a mistake. Maybe save a life.

This Smackum! Award goes to Dr. Conrad Murray who cost us the King of Pop.

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