Thursday, March 4, 2010

celebrity cartoon blog,Governor David Paterson in trouble for ethics violations and the mis-use of his Johnson

Just when New Yorker's thought that they would never miss Eliott Spitzer, David Paterson gets involved in yet another scandal. Fresh off ethics charges, he demands tickets as a gift to see the Yankees play in the World Series. New York has gift restrictions when it comes to politicians, he knows that. The tickets cost $450 street value. He'll pay an $80,000 fine. At least they won, but that's some pricey pinstripe when you can stay home and see it for free.

You think, he's the governor, what's a few tickets? When they are towing your car for being an inch in the red it is because of rules. Paterson didn't follow them so he shouldn't be shocked.

He is involved in the original (non Palin) Troopergate. Just a little witness tampering in a Halloween costume incident. It involved a guy with a 6' 7" Johnson. Actually it was a guy named Johnson that is 6' 7", but the former made a better story and got your attention.

On his first day as governor, his wife nods in agreement as he tells the world that they both had affairs and were equal scum bags. Again, it's about his Johnson. Pre-damage control? To me, this was a bad sign. I guess he and his cheating wife both signed divorce papers to be used in case of fire. To add fuel to that blaze, he lobbied to bailout Lehman Brothers and loosened restrictions on AIG. That's some good insight David…sorry.

To enrage the iPod audience he supported a 4% tax on digital music called the iTax. He wanted to add 4% tax to haircuts, weight loss, satellite TV, shoes under $500, fishing, camping and add tolls to city owned bridges.

He also wanted free tickets.

I'm on pins and needles to see who shows up next to be New York's governor. Hannibal Lecter? Mark Sanford? Bozo the Clown? Whoever does show up will be hearing circus music.

This Smackum! Award goes to former governor David Paterson who deserves a smack for being a Yankee fan.

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