Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic cross-country skiing race should include hungry bears

The Canada vs United States hockey game was on and it was a great game. Crosby grabbed the gold medal with an overtime winner, they were very happy. Good for you Canada, well played. 

The next sport on TV was cross-country skiing. About 50 guys in neon skin tights skate 50K up and down hills around trees, for about five hours. I was starting to feel a nap coming on. Three of us were watching the competition, so we came up with a new twist. Have the 50 guys take off wearing Slim Jim meat vests with a 5-minute lead…then release a hungry bear.

Much like nature would have it, the slow guys would be eliminated naturally… well, kind of.

Back to hockey. Watching all the professional hockey players celebrating made me think of Jim Thorpe. They took away his gold medals 100 years ago because he played semi-professional baseball. These hockey guys were a bunch of highly paid All-Star professional athletes and now it is fine. Shame.

The Olympics are over, that's it for the Vancouver. I'll remember the guy that died, many US skiing medals and wolves with glowing eyes gnawing on the limbs of slow moving cross-country skiers.

This Smackum! Award goes to the International Olympic Committee in 1912 for taking away and returning Jim Thorpe's gold medals.  Again, messing with the Indian.

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