Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palin tweets for maverick McCain while a giant plywood baby catches speeders in Arizona

It's Senate seat election time and John McCain wants Sarah Palin to return the favor for making her famous.

Palin is who she is.  My question is, "what happened to the real John McCain? He used to be a credible maverick Republican. For a guy that resists change, the boy has changed. A year ago he didn't know Facebook from Shinola and now he is the king of Twitter. He adjusted to the future and is using it to his advantage.

People have gladly bought into paying a monthly fee for cable and cellphone. That wasn't a normal expense 25 years ago. That fee is taxed. Nobody is protesting, you just want your MTV. We have accepted the charges because it provides us entertainment and convenience. For most people, that represents at least $200 per month.

Why is health care reform so different? People will have access to a system that hasn't adjusted to the new world and it needs to be paid for. Many year's ago I was caught without insurance and had a devastating injury. Spend a week in county hospital and walk with a limp for 25 years. This argument is being fought by people with a government health plan. This does not give you a true perspective. There needs to be a government employee "Wife Swap" show. Take a politician and have him swap lives with a typical citizen. "Undercover Boss" with a government twist.

Republican complaints about Democrats usually end with "what happened to the real America?'. Well I just visited Arizona coincidently when Palin was in Phoenix stumping for the Mav. I was in the Phoenix Tempe, Scottsdale area checking out the Dodgers, A's and Giants. I must say I met great folks. Most were from other states but they gathered there, so I'll give Arizona the credit.

Being from California there are differences in traveling. First thing you notice are police SUV's with boom cameras 300 feet after a yellow sign warns you to say cheese. On the side of the road are cameras that snapped 40,000 tickets in the first two months they were installed. For a visitor, this gives you a defined "Big Brother" feel. The argument against Health Care was that is that it brought us closer to being a Communist state. This, "Big Brother" thing doesn't quite bring me back to the old west. It was interesting watching local residents with big trucks and testosterone. They knew where the cameras were. At the blind spots they gunned it enjoying freedom in 300 yard increments.

What's really weird is that leaving Arizona there is a huge plywood baby playing on the side of the I-10. Yes, I said a huge plywood baby. I didn't have time to take a picture but I wish I did. The baby is probably there to distract you like Sarah Palin. As you gawk you are photographed like a ride at Disneyland and mailed the invoice a few weeks later.

This Smackum! Award goes to John McCain for inventing Sarah Palin, installing Big Brother cameras and enslaving giant plywood babies.

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