Monday, March 22, 2010

"Shameful "John Boehner needs to soak off his spray tan in a "Hot Tub Time Machine"

Making fun of politicians is a slippery slope, especially when it involves lotion. You take the risk of angering about half the people that read your articles or look at your cartoons. Or in some cases, that's the entire Muslim world, including Jihad Jane. Today, my subject is John Boehner. pronounced (Bay-ner)

The nation is all about health care at the moment. I heard a good chunk of the session via satellite radio in my car. Listening to both sides is tough.  If you agree or disagree we don't exactly know what's coming.

What sucks for me is history and attention span. We can barely remember where the last disaster occurred or who is the last politician to cheat on his wife. We are inundated with this information and forget where we were as a country just a short time ago.

Prior to Obama's term, George Bush and Dick Cheney ran the country and sold us a war. If we disagreed with the program we were called anti-American or traitors. It was the shut up and go back to the mall years. Many Republicans were intent on fighting a war while the public focus was distracted by unbelievable loan availabilities. It seemed weird to be celebrating consumerism while we were at war in Iraq.

I listened to John Boehner say "Shame on you" to Democrats for wanting health care. Where was this guy when we were deciding to go to Iraq to kill people? Shame on him! He should have been calling out Dick Cheney and asking about Blackwater or asking Bush where the Iraqi nukes are being hidden. My guess he was in the tanning booth. I wonder as minority leader if he is just trying to tan his way to understanding and leadership.

I have heard more fervor from politicians over the health care issue than fighting a war where people die. Imagine if we had all the money and lives spent on Iraq aimed at the American health care system. Thinking about it though, that cash would have been spent on new SUV's or what is coming $5 dollar gas…again.

I know the world doesn't work like that. You can't get in a Hot Tub Time machine and change the past. But it would be great if politicians would fight not to fight as well as try to cure a broken health system.

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