Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 reasons why Trucknutz should be swinging under Tiger Wood's trailer hitch

Riding my bike the other day I noticed something shiny dangling under a truck's bumper. At first, I thought it was trailer hitch. To my dismay it was a set of chrome testicles purposely displayed to promote thought.

OK TruckNutz, you win. Six of us (four women, two men) tried to figure out why someone would want to show the world a set of their McNuggets under a truck bumper so perilously close to speed bump disaster. I have applied them to Tiger's situation.

Here is a list of 5 reasons why TruckNutz would be swaying under Tiger Wood's trailer hitch. You know, the true meaning of why Tiger would drop to his knees and install a $40 set of chrome testicles to his ride.

It means:

1) Ego

This would mean Tiger has balls!

2) Elin shops at Amazon

Elin ordered them online and installed them herself as a monogamy reminder

3) "Sexual Predator" warning

Metal scraping testicles with sparks would warn potential victims from blocks away

4) (optional) Blue Balls

Representing what Tiger will have for the next 5 years if he stays married

5) Brass Balls

Big brass balls are necessary to convince the public that cheating on your wife is a treatable disease.

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