Monday, April 26, 2010

Simon Cowell sticks up his finger at America before going back to Britain

 I used to have a girlfriend who was a couch potato. She watched "The Apprentice", "Lost" and  "Survivor" between snacks and had a hot line directly to QVC. Her favorite show was "American Idol". That was a long time ago and that smug, British judge guy is still doing his thing. As a consumer I watch American Idol to see the talent, I have never gained an appreciation for the part Simon plays in the show.

British humor is hard to sell in America and he's not funny. People in the US barely watch Monty Python. If you are supposed to like him for his personality, that's a negative and it certainly isn't for his good looks. Wearing those tight t-shirts is difficult to witness, listening to his barbs a bore. When the weather is nippy he has "bing tips" like a cheerleader and rolls his eyes if someone turns up the heat. I agree, it is time to go.

I watched Larry (Teflon) King where he interviewed the whole cast, Ryan Seacrest, Ellen Degeneres, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and of course the lovable Simon Cowell who was explaining why it was a good time to leave.That is usually when the door is hitting you in the ass. He didn't sound nice at all or play the game of appreciation. I came, I conquered, I'm going. That's it. It's the first war the British have won in a while.

Watching this guy has been a pleasure. No, re-phrase…Watching this guy leave town will be a pleasure. Larry King needs to find a way to interview himself.

This Smackum Award goes to Simon Cowell for sticking his finger up at America with his other hand in our pockets.

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