Sunday, May 9, 2010

Craig Ferguson mocks Jay Leno as he throws Conan O'Brien under the bus

Craig Ferguson was all over Jay Leno making fun of his delivery. That is easy to do. If one of your friends walked into your house and acted like Jay Leno it would be pretty weird. First he wears a tuxedo and gets out of one of his 50 vehicles...then a band starts playing. As they finish, he applauds himself and starts talking to you in a voice like Barney Frank with intense hand movements and even more sarcasm. Then he shows you goofy news clippings with a drum roll. Wow, that's some serious entertainment. I can't wait for the dancing poodles and spinning plates.

For years we heard about Leno's plan to quit. Conan O'Brien was slated to take his place. This went on longer than Bret Farve's football decision. From a TV watcher's perspective I remember thinking, "just do it already" to both of them. Bret Farve ass-slapped  his way into the playoffs while Jay Leno bitch-slapped O'Brien and threw him under the bus.

Years ago, late night TV was a big deal. Johnny Carson was popular when there were 9 stations and barely any video. He ruled the time slot. In 2010 how important is late night TV? Advertisers know that answer, it's the Viagra audience. I rarely hear conversation at a coffee house about who was on Leno. 25 year-olds are on Facebook and YouTube. Middle Age folks watch TV on Tivo and read about their kids on Facebook. When that isn't happening the world is looking down at their cellphone wondering why the bars keep going away in the canyon.

Being that we look at the top of people's heads, I believe advertisers will start putting logos on the top of baseball caps, right where the button is. When you look down at your phone, the logo people will see will read "Eat at Joes!" and "Nike". What will be interesting to see will be if the mobile TV watching audience cares about seeing Leno's chin on their iPhone 4G and beyond.

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