Friday, July 2, 2010

Forrest Gump and the BP Oil Disaster

The BP Oil Disaster has been going on for a few months now. As Americans watch black goo pump into our ocean, Tony Hayward, BP's front man, would like to get his life back. So would the 11 people that died on the rig when it blew up. Part of the problem is the gulf is half way around the world from BP's headquarters. We are getting the Simon Cowell attitude while Hayward floats on yachts in clean waters. I'd like to offer him a vacation in the gulf paddling a canoe in 30 weight motor oil.

Being that people in Louisiana make a living selling shrimp, I am surprised there haven't been more references to Forrest Gump. The movie went a lot of places, but the goal was to have Forrest and Bubba go into the shrimp business. One iconic shot in the film has Forrest sitting at the bus stop offering people candy. Putting the two thoughts together I came up with the attached cartoon where Forrest yells, "Bubba, the shrimp look just like chocolates!". 

This is funny, but its not funny. I consider BP's activity another case of "Corporate Bull". This follows, Toyota, Madoff, Enron, Bre-X, FlowTex, Global Crossing, Harken Energy, Kinney National, Phar-Mor, Union Carbide, AIG.  Must I go on. As average consumers we are at the mercy of huge corporations that carve our futures out of the landscape and our booties. Personally, I am pissed. If I have to hear one more tweedle-dee commercial with some company telling me they care, I'm going to hurl. Toyota, who just killed numerous individuals with poor engineering are running commercials touting their safety awards and that they know that we care about our safety. Hoogadda Hoogadda bleck! - hairball. What a joke.  Previous to their acceleration problems, it had never occurred to me that I wanted to be safe in a vehicle that I drive at 80 miles an hour. Thanks Toyota for reminding me 1000 times a day. Like politicians, it's easier to apologize than do the right thing.

Speaking of Corporate Bull, I have invented a Facebook board game that makes fun of the workplace.  Whether you are an executive, a manager or unemployed, this game will bust you up. I need some help financing the programming.  Go to: to learn about Crowd Financing through RocketHub.

Thanks for your support!

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