Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glenn "Cry Baby" Beck

A recent Fox poll has "Cry Baby Glenn" as the front runner of the Tea Party movement barely edging Sarah Palin. My goodness.

I grew up in LA. I remember Fox pre-Simpson's, it was just a channel. Now it is a network that features some strange characters. Glenn Beck is one of them. Reading about his past you can kind of understand why he turned out like he did. I felt bad for the guy when I read about his mom's death. I think that is why cries so much. Many of us have dead mothers, myself included. I am still sad but I'm not crying on TV. Somehow he landed a Fox gig and people buy into his story.

One day I watched him fake a bit about losing all your belongings if you sign up for "Cash for Clunkers. He preys on the weak and draws them into his B.S. The massive Tea Party movement believes that he should lead them to the promised land. I remember hearing the term "lunatic fringe", I think the Tea Partier's are them.

I am truly amazed that people buy into this kind of stuff. Palin, Beck, Kramer etc. all come off as whacky compared to normal people. Somehow they have high paying jobs stirring a nasty stew.

I am having trouble deciding if Glenn Beck or FOX deserves the Smackum!  He is who he is, but FOX put him on TV.
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