Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Airhead on flight throws hay maker at Mitt Romney!

Mitt Romney probably still has his heart set on running for president but for right now he's thinking about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. While on a return flight, a passenger lost his mind when Romney asked him to move his seat to the upright position. The hillbilly yelled, "Them's fight'in words where I come from." and proceeded to throw some hay makers at the White House hopeful. Romney ducked the punches quicker than questions on abortion, illegal immigration and same sex marriage. Being a religious pro-gun advocate he had the man shot in a non-life threatening area upon landing.

This Smackum! Award goes to Mitt Romney for avoiding a mile high Smackum, keeping his head and arranging for retaliation through back door methods.

Jim Rome vs. Jim Everett - a vintage '94 Sports Show Smackum!

Back in 1994, Los Angeles Ram quarterback Jim Everett was a guest on Jim Rome's sport interview show before there were clones. I was a Ram fan back then. I would watch Jim Everett play and saw him go from possibly being the next Joe Montana to melting down and sacking himself against San Francisco. I remember saying "step forward, Jimmy" whenever he would throw off his back foot, which was often. The Rams were OK, but not great, even with Eric Dickerson in the backfield.

Getting back to Jim Rome. He has matured and is a respected sports showman now, but people forget that he was a smug, annoying interviewer when he first started out. Chris Everett was a very popular female tennis player at the time and Rome would refer to Jim Everett as "Chris". Jim Everett was invited to be a guest on Jim Rome's show which he accepted. At first, things seemed friendly. Then Rome called him Chris like he had many times before. Everett warned Rome to stop or they would have a discussion out back. There was a delay, Rome smirked and called him "Chris" again. This is where the Smackum happened.

Jim Everett overturned the table that was between them. Rome fell back on his butt. The QB stood over him asking "what?" You can't blame Everett, he warned him.

This Smackum! award goes to Jim Everett for his 1994 beat down of Jim Rome on national TV. 

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