Saturday, February 20, 2010

A heartfelt Tiger Woods Poem

Tiger you blew it
you cried with your mom
she knows you like porn stars
brunettes in a thong

your'e angry we mock you
start rumors and lies
I agree, you got booty
but nobody died

like O.J. you're guilty
that you admit
in your case, thank God
you wore a glove and it fit

you fancy the Jaimee's
old Cougars, and Rist
a Grand Slam with Mindy
cakes, eggs and sausage
if you get my gist

Kalika in Vegas
Loredana for big buck
He likes girls that pose for money
have big boobs and will $@%#

Gillette, Nike, EA and Accenture
are sick he got busted on his girly adventure
now Playboy, Maxim or Trojan will bag ya
sell pills like Cialis, Extenze or Viagra
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