Friday, February 26, 2010

The Canadian women's hockey team criticized for booze/cigar celebration

Watching the news last night the TV anchors were all over the Canadian women's hockey team. They were a bad example for children because they celebrated their gold medal with booze and cigars. Number one, they are in CANADA!…Canadians make great beer!  My guess, at the arena they sold about 3 million Molson's during the game and another billion from people seeing it on TV. Pouring alcohol on each other has been a sports tradition since the gladiators in Rome. Though it may have been a short lived celebration, even the slaves that survived got to drink some Ripple on the Coliseum floor after surviving a home win. The skaters had the cigars in their mouths, this wasn't a Monica Lewinsky situation.

Society is so hypocritical. Every venue that has a license sells beer. Fine wine and quality champagne is treasured and advertised worldwide. The Canadian women experienced an incredible feat on their home turf and drank some booze while hugging each other AFTER the arena is empty.  My goodness. If all the women got drunk and pulled off their tops a la Brandi Chastain (with a Janet Jackson twist) in front of the crowd, then we are talking a story. There was no Justin Timberlake sighting, things were under control.

My guess, all the people angry about their celebration are jealous and drunk. Hiccup…doze wimmunz shoulbm't be dwink'in like that, ik's a bab axe handle! They tell us drink booze and celebrate life every day of your life. These women did exactly that and got busted for doing so.

This Smackum! Awards goes to any news source pushing the negative side of the women's Canadian hockey team celebration. Most critics have a copy of the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue next to their half filled Budweiser bottle on their desk. It's like David Letterman criticizing Tiger Woods or Bill Clinton for talking smack about Elliot Spitzer, not credible. These are not times of prohibition, many people make money from the sale of alcohol.

The press would have preferred that a drunken hockey wench ran down a limping nun.

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