Friday, March 19, 2010

JaMarcus Russell makes us miss the days of Lamonica and Plunkett

Reports of JaMarcus Russell being missing have been circulating around the football world. I'm not talking about 2010, his face has been on the side of milk cartons since 2007.

He swung a deal with Al Davis paying him $68 million dollars over six years, $31.5 guaranteed. That's AFTER he held out and missed training camp. He finished his rookie season with a whopping 36 completions in 66 attempts. That was worth $10.1 million dollars? I don't think so.

I played ball growing up. Like any kid I wished I could be a pro. Talent wise I was a good local athlete. That's it. To grow up and be 6-5, 255 and run a sub 5-second 40 is quite impressive. SEC Player of the Year, ALL-SEC, Manning Award. I can see why Al Davis mortgaged the ranch.

Physically the man is a freak. You shouldn't be that big and be able to throw the ball, yet he can. Unfortunately the cerebral part of the game has seemed to have escaped him. An interview from JaMarcus has a Jethro Bodine feel to it. You know, a little country mixed with some Beverly Hills bling minus the checkered shirt. JaMarcus would actually be 6'8" if not for the weight of his 5-carat earrings.

So 2010 is the time for redemption. All those miscues, interceptions and fumbles are behind him.  The bad news is he also has 271 pounds behind him as well. Like Chris Carter would say, "come on, man!". You take the big money, stink up the field and show up to camp the size of a lineman? Where is your leadership and pride?

Who knows. If I was in his size 18's I could be oblivious to my opportunity. His size and skill may have peaked in college. Can we say Ryan Leaf? Actually, that's messed up, he isn't Ryan Leaf.

The closest Subway is thrilled. $30 million can buy a lot of cheese steak sandwiches. Instead of plays, he wears a menu on his wrist. He uses the helmet communicator to call in his orders purposely neglecting a lunch for Tom Cable. This as well as numerous interceptions, fumbles and miscues will cost him his job as the starter. He'll have lots of pine time to polish his diamonds and chow extra large Phillies while Losman and Gradkowski make us miss the days of Lamonica and Plunkett. 

This Smackum! Award goes to JaMarcus Russell for pushing ego and cash in front of the love of the game.
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