Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jesse James trades Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock for Nazi chick Bombshell McGee

I remember watching the Celebrity Apprentice when Jesse James was on the show. It was apparent he had business savvy, a macho attitude and he wasn't willing to call all his rich friends to try to win the show like Clint Black. Overall he seemed like one of those rough exterior guys that loves his woman and flicks-off the rest of us. When I found out that he was married to Sandra Bullock I figured she liked guys with a tude and she's a little different.

When she won the Oscar for "The Blind Side" and the two of them pranced from the venue I do remember thinking, "that's pretty cool". The biker and the bus driver (Speed reference) did OK. Good for them.  Uh oh! I didn't know there was an Oscar version of the Sports Illustrated cover curse.

Now we seem to find out that there is another player in the Bullock / James game.  Her name is, believe it or not, Michelle "Bombshell" Mcgee. "Bombshell Mcgee? This sounds like a 40's comic book character or a cast member of Family Guy. To make things more interesting, she may be a White Supremacist. Most people that wear Swastika's do have some kind of attitude. If their ignorance level allows them to make videos and wear these symbols without knowledge of their meaning, fine. My guess is they know what they are doing and believe in the basics of Nazi thinking.

This doesn't mean the Jesse James is a Nazi, he just likes to screw a Nazi chick. Looking at it, I'm not that surprised. I would expect him to be with an edgy woman with leather boots and tattoos. It's just another example of the little head leading the big head. But, Bombshell Mcgee? Wow!

Sandra Bullock has a part in this. She made him jealous hanging out with a big black man, then she caressed a statue. If I was Jesse I would probably do the same thing. Find a Nazi chick named "Bombshell McGee" and show her who's boss. If she would have paid more attention to him he would not have been forced to do a Sanford/Edwards/Kobe/Letterman/Tiger/Clinton...Yeah, right.

This Smackum! Award goes to Jesse James for ruining his marriage to an Oscar winner by screwing a Nazi chick named, "Bombshell McGee".
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