Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rielle Hunter does her own version of "Pants on the Ground"

Reille Hunter is an interesting character, to read, watch or draw. Usually when you mention blue eyes and blond hair your have visions of the typical peroxide model of our day. After drawing her, I can't say that she is attractive. Her mug is kind of long, she has a big nose and a crooked smile. I wouldn't give her a second look on the street with all the eye candy in LA.

I watched the video of her recent photo shoot. Talk about "pants on the ground", that's exactly where she left them. After taking all of these pictures she disapproves. Huh? This wasn't paparazzi, it was a pro shoot.

You wonder why John Edwards would get involved with someone like this. You can't avoid the Tiger Woods references. At least Tiger ruined his reputation dating good looking women. Edwards describes Hunter as a "crazy woman of ill repute". That is after he told her that "she's so hot" when they first met. My guess, he met her in the dark, woke up and did a coyote. But maybe not. From what I have heard, he did a pregnant video sex tape with Ms. Hunter, obviously a few months later. If I saw such a thing my libido would be lost forever. Hello Viagra.

Screw you John Edwards. Screw you for ruining a great illusion. That being a good looking, successful politician, husband and father. You were almost Vice President. You wanted your buddy Andrew Young to take the fall and hope she gets an abortion. Not to mention falsifying laboratory documents. Then you propose and buy a beach house. Damn!

Genetics shape your life. With her looks, and his brain, their daughter would make it as a building contractor or evil ruler of a futuristic society.

With his looks and her brain the kid will be dancing to circus music from now to eternity.

What really sucks is that she may read this article some day. I should arrange a Smackdown between Rielle Hunter and Elizabeth Edwards. That is one tough woman.

So this Smackum Award! goes to Rielle Hunter for being a home wrecker messing with a married man who's wife was battling cancer.


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