Monday, March 29, 2010

Rush Limbaugh. It must be weird to hear what he thinks. (other than the circus music)

There is so much ammunition for a Rush Limbaugh Smackum! , I don't know what to say. Every era has it's Blow Hard. Unless you are quick with a remote control you eventually run into his antics. It must be weird to hear what he thinks. (other than the circus music) It's not his fault, he's been thumped in the head.

He likes the sound of his own voice and the reaction he gets by saying what redneck thinking jerks would normally keep to themselves. It's impossible, but I wish we could make him watch himself from an outsider's perspective. He would laugh.

It reminds me of the time Harry Perry approached me at Venice Beach. You know, the guy roller skating with an electric guitar that was on the Chevy commercials. We always joked he took off his turban and went back to a normal home with a wife and kids. I have that hope for Rush Limbaugh. It's all just an act. He can't really think like that. You would think he would get addicted to drugs or alcohol. Oh, that's behind him now. I'm just not sure his habit has left his neurons in good standing.

I just don't listen to his garbage. Same with Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber and all the current cartoon characters presented to us via the media 2010.

Someday there will be Tivo recognition technology that identifies characters you disdain and automatically changes the channel.
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