Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rod Blagojevich proves on the Celebrity Apprentice that he doesn't know "Ship" from "Shinola"

Being an entrepreneur, I have watched Donald Trump's Apprentice show since season 1. In the beginning, it was a good business lesson. Contestants would blow it in one way or another reminding you of the intricacies forgotten in daily business dealings.

After a few years the show's appeal had faded and they went the celebrity route. Some of the people chosen for the show are not expected to succeed, like Darryl Strawberry and Dennis Rodman. Trump picks them as contestants fully knowing they will crash and burn. Speaking of which, many of the projects Trump has been involved in have crashed and burned as well. He is not immune to business loss. A loud voice and a multi-leveled hair weave only goes so far.

His choice for stars this season includes Cindy Lauper and Rocket Rod Blagojevich. Cindy Lauper's voice is so New York cartoon-like I thought I was watching "All in the Family" on a helium, but she's no dummy...then there is Rod Blagojevich.

People forget why he is famous. It is because he is a corrupt idiot. The guy tried to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat after he was elected, then could remember nothing when questioned. Jaywalkers get a tougher sentence than this empty suit. He should be in jail, instead he is on television pretending to be important. I applaud Donald Trump for putting this clown on TV so the public can watch first hand how little he knows.

Politicians represent the people. How can the "hair club for men" get elected spokesperson for the State of Illinois and not know how to send an e-mail. Even John McCain is hipper and he needs a new hip. Being digitally handicapped creates a huge gap between lawmaker and citizen. He believes that being lame is not a problem. This is proven with his vote approving the invasion of Iraq.

Trump must have picked him because of his clever political campaigns like Ryan is Ly'in and ignoring the fact he had the worst popularity rating ever for a politician. He ordered illegal (non FDA approved) flu vaccinations (later shipped to Pakistan and destroyed), banned kid's video games, withheld funds from a Children's Hospital, was involved in a dozen investigations and considers himself the first African American governor of Illinois. Black like Me? I don't think so. His aides carry a brush called "the football", just in case he needs to tease his afro bang. Just typing this crap makes me mad.

Why is this guy in charge of anything? I wouldn't trust that dork to pick up my dry cleaning. I just saw him reading ads dressed as a king on the George Lopez show. He is so stupid he doesn't even realize Lopez is using him as a joke.

This Smackum! Award goes to Rocket Rod Blagojevich for being stupid, corrupt and an absolute buffoon politician. If you ever voted for him you are a lemming.
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