Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiger Wood's dad demands answers from heaven

Tiger is back on course and everybody's happy. Too bad Nike didn't get the message. The black and white Tiger commercial is really depressing. He's got every chick in town mad at him, an angry wife, plus his dead dad is chewing him out from heaven. That's messed up.

Thinking about it, corporations suck at times. NIke probably made Tiger's dad read that line years ago just in case Tiger screwed up in the future. Wow, this is starting to sound like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Sad-faced Tiger shots are a bummer, but they may be the norm for a while. Every night when comes home he must first park his SUV. (not near the tree) Then he will walk inside, remove his cap and bend over. Then Elin will tee-off on his noggin with a 12" frying pan. The "bong" noise and scream will be audible for 3 square blocks every night on the hour. That treatment over a period of time will make you think you are hearing your dead Dad's voice and definitely wipe the cheese grin off your so busted face.

Nike has to get this SmackumApp Award for resurrecting a deceased relative to help resurrect a struggling brand.
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