Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In a colorful move TBS mixes red and brown with Conan O'Brien and George Lopez

It has been interesting watching late night television change post Johnny Carson. Johnny owned the time slot. I remember being a kid trying to stay awake till the end, eventually snoozing during an Ed McMahon laughing fit. There were only 9 channels on antenna TV at that time. Cable, the internet and Tivo has changed time slot programming, but the late night audience still exists. A segment of society still likes a variety show at 11:00. Letterman is pretty low key, Leno is Leno. Seems like a good time for Conan to make a bold move.

In amazing fashion O'Brien made sure that Lopez doesn't feel Conanized by being bumped back an hour and joining TBS. Lopez approves the move to a midnight show and believes that their combined hair will be a tremendous asset.

I remember seeing an interview with Ted Turner many years ago when he bought the rights to black & white movies that he later had colorized. People were up in arms, questioning his right to colorize saying he ruined the films with the process.

With his classic southern twang, (with "i" sounding like "EYE" ) He told the reporter, "I believe I own those movies!"  TBS is making a colorful move teaming George Lopez and Conan O'Brien. This proves Ted Turner likes brown and red. They are complimentary colors, nice.
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