Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jerry Jones rips Tebow and Parcells in cellphone video tirade

In his later years my father used to tell me, "don't get old". His statement was about the physical decline involved in aging, but there is more to getting old than arthritis and Wilfred Burnley commercials. To illustrate this divide I bring up the case of Jerry Jones.

Old buzzards aren't hip to today's electronic devices. Ask most retiree's if they would be fine listening to albums and the answer would be yes. Further generations feel that their gadgets are the norm, gauged by their perception at 18. Today's youth will grow old grasping iPod's, bouncing their heads under hoodies causing laughter to their children in future years. As a note, If you know someone collecting 8-track tapes and listens to them, call the authorities.

Jerry Jones is closing in on 70 and has not learned the lesson that the owners wish their players would learn. That would be "staying out of trouble".  Jerry Jones got busted eating a cowboy boot sandwich because he forgot that everybody with a cellphone is a potential reporter.

Listening to him, he may have been drinking, but he didn't speak with a forked tongue. Tim Tebow is going to have to beg to get a snap in an NFL game and Bill Parcells isn't a nice guy. But shouting that into a cellphone in a bar isn't good PR.

I give Jerry Jones a Smackum Award for smacking himself with a cellphone video tirade.
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