Friday, April 16, 2010

Kate Gosselin is still in the running for "Best in Show" on "Dancing with the Stars"

A movie that I have found entertaining is "Best in Show". While the main character (Eugene Levy) walks in the dog competition, the announcer points out that he has two left feet. (literally) This brings up Kate Gosselin in Dancing with the Stars. She is more dog show material than Ginger Rogers dancing double. It is so bad that you have to watch. 

Being an artist, deciding to draw a face is a commitment. You look for keys that make the subject unique. Part of the problem drawing Kate Gosselin is that she changes her damn hairstyle every other day. I drew her wearing her signature "multi-mom mullet bob" so you could recognize her. Of course, if she starts dancing you'll know who it is after she trips.

She just went on Larry King (who is getting divorced AGAIN) and let him know that she doesn't know how Jon is making money. She is banking big cash on book tours and TV gigs while home boy owes her 20 grand a month and is oblivious to his situation. Damn, talk about a good idea gone bad.

Like Larry I have been divorced more than once. Thinking back, I wish I never went to the disco. That was wife one. However they met, if Jon could go back in time he'd probably wish he stayed home watching Dancing with the Stars through his fingers.
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