Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Snooki Polizzi poses with her lips out Daffy Duck style

I tuned in "Jersey Shore" a few times, but quickly got bored of watching a bunch of airheads fight over a jacuzzi. I happened upon an interview with Snooki on a talk show. For certain she will never get arrested for substance abuse, because there was very little substance to abuse. She said that she always believed that she would be famous. I'm glad Snooki is living her dream, but I am trying to figure out what she has going other than luck and a set of duck lips. 

She does make a great cartoon character, I had to draw it. Her shape is sort of Danny Devito like with fake tits and a spray tan. That bubblehead hair-do is a classic. When she is in her forties be prepared for a Kirstie Alley style, "Snooki Ate Some Cookies Show".  My guess "The Situation" will eventually use his washboard abs to wash clothes, "DJ" will sell hair products on infomercials. I can't remember anyone else on the show by name. I'm sure we'll see them soon on "Intervention", "Dancing with the Stars" or "The Celebrity Apprentice".

I don't blame them.  If someone found my no talent ass as a teenager and paid me to party, I would have done it. I hope they are saving their money.

This Smackum award goes to Snooki Polizzi for just being Snooki and sticking her lips out like Daffy Duck.
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