Sunday, May 2, 2010

Roman Polanski to be extradited to the US for feeding "Disco Biscuits" to a 13-year old

Most of the caricatures on take about 2 hours. I have to analyze their face, apply my principals, sketch in pencil, re-draw in Adobe Illustrator and finish in PhotoShop. At the same time I am writing the story in my head. I have been hearing about Roman Polanski my whole life. Drawing a close up was weird, you wonder what was thinking.

He recently broke his silence by saying he believes authorities in the U.S. are trying to extradite him purely for publicity, and “to serve me on a platter to the media of the world.” The answer to that would be yes.  There is a girl named Samantha Geimer that was 13 at the time. He fed her champagne and quaaludes, (also known as "disco biscuits") performed oral, sodomy and intercourse. He plead guilty to engaging unlawful intercourse and skipped town back to France. He has made films and lived a life in Europe leaving the mess in the past.

Since then, Geimer has forgiven him and wants the charges dropped. But some cases just won't go away…this is one of them. It was embarrassing to the Feds that he did what he did and got away. Polanski's statement about being a monkey for the press is 100% correct. Looking back, if he had faced the music in 1977 the whole episode would have been long forgotten.

I have a solution.

Bring him back to the US for a long, agonizing trial. He can make a film about the ordeal with all proceeds going to the church. Thinking about it, maybe not. They have their own problems with child endangerment.

How about letting Samantha drug him, then kick him in the balls. I'll start a website, Post the event on YouTube, start a blog followed with a Facebook fan page.

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